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5 Must-Have Tools for Fast-Growing HR Services




Covering a vast amount of responsibilities, the modern HR job is harder than ever. From backend administration tasks to anti-harassment training, there is no denying that Human Resource management these days are playing far more diverse roles to cope with a fast-paced industry.

For growing enterprises, the juggling HR tasks are inclined to fall into not just the hands of one department but also the rest of the company. With that in mind, HR services assume that utilising complicated and outdated tools may result in a complete misuse of roughly 30 hours per month. Imagine how much work you can still do with that amount of time.

Good thing is that technology never lets us down by making every HR task way more manageable which, in turn, makes every hour well spent.

As obligations and commitments grow, so do the capabilities of the software solutions they employ. There may be no specific shortcuts for things like personality judgment during the recruitment phase, but there are a plethora of new tools that can help HR managers master more aspects of duties with less time and energy.

After looking into dozens of HR tools on the market today, we’ve picked out the best ones that you should consider for your growing business, classified into specific HR functions.

Bambee - Best Tool for Recruitment

Bambee – Best Tool for Recruitmen

Finding the right people to work for the team has never been easy with Bambee. This talent acquisition platform helps connect HR managers with a narrowed-down list of potential companies. The best thing about this tool is that it provides businesses of all kinds and sizes with access to any outsourced HR assistance they need to grow and develop. Also, Bambee offers a great free trial without forcing you into any contracts.

Staff Squared - Best Tool for Employee Management

Staff Squared – Best Tool for Employee Management

So, you’ve handled the recruitment process perfectly? Great! But, what about the stressful everyday tasks such as onboarding, payroll administration and timesheet tracking? Well, Staff Squared got your back. This tool is a cloud-based one-stop-shop for everything you need in managing employees. The problem with old-fashioned HR tools is that they are quite complicated to use. The new and improved Staff Squared, on the other hand, provides a well-organised design of an ‘easy peasy’ interface including features such as staff directory, time tracking, absence management, company calendar, performance reviews, and a lot more.

HBR Ideacast – Best Tool for Training

With a drastic change in federal and state employment laws, continuing education becomes an additional responsibility to the HR department. To share some fresh insights about the ever changing nature of work, Harvard Business Review offers Ideacast. This is a great tool for HR practitioners to have a broader knowledge in business trends and human resource issues.

Slack - Best Tool for Communication and Feedback

Slack – Best Tool for Communication and Feedback

Email overload? Slack feels your pain, which is why this app has been created as a solution to help you deal with your bombarded inbox. With this professional-level communications app that features synced group chat and private messaging, you can easily keep your team connected over multiple platforms anytime anywhere. Slack does not only free up employees from all those nerve-racking emails but it also increases transparency and productivity across the board.

 monday - Best Tool for Personal Productivity

monday.com – Best Tool for Personal Productivity

We’ve said it a hundred times, HR practitioners are busier than ever. How you wish there was an app for all your apps and tools. Wait, what? Of course, there is! We all hate Mondays, but monday.com is something you’re going to love.

This tool will save you from app overload as it easily manages all the multiple tools you use every single day. Monday.com provides a unified list of your daily tasks by designing a single view into all of your existing tools and apps up to 40 services including Gmail, Slack, Trello, Evernote and a lot more.


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