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Content Marketing: optimised SEO and unique content




Content marketing is the creation of thematic content in order to generate eligible website traffic and increase user traffic relevant to their business goals.

Content marketing we can say is an inbound marketing approach that can be defined as ‘attraction marketing’ to emphasise the idea that the services or goods provided by the content of informative or entertainment value are ‘attracted’ to users and potential customers.

Over the years, content marketing has gained increasing significance in online marketing strategies for many reasons:

  • To reach one’s audience, particularly for b2c companies, information content and communication through the web have become strategically essential.
  • In order to reach one’s audience, especially for b2c businesses, information content and communication through the web have become strategically important.
  • Incoming links continue to affect the placement on search engines, and the only original and quality content will be helpful to draw links to your web.
  • The best way to place the site well among the search results returned by Google is undoubtedly the development of optimised SEO content.

Promote your business by internet content: inbound marketing

It would be best if you were specific about the target you are targeting, and the subjects arouse the interest of the individuals who make it up to build a successful content marketing strategy.

In order to schedule the development of ad hoc content for each profile, it would be helpful to divide the target into groups of ‘personas’ with distinct and well-defined profiles, if the target is not especially narrow.

There are different ways to identify the topics and thematic areas; few are as follows:

  • Leverage your business knowledge;
  • Carrying out internet research to discover the discourses that form around the keywords of reference;
  • Analyse their rivals’ content marketing approach;
  • Examine the social media topics addressed and the sort of users involved;
  • Identify the so-called “opinion leaders” or “influencers” of blogs and social networks: content creators with a wide audience from which to draw inspiration and turn to broaden the reach of their messages;Depend on content marketing specialists and content design web editors.

The most appropriate web formats must be chosen when targets and thematic areas have been identified to communicate the content to the different target categories: web pages, UsefulPDF, videos, slides, etc.

A certain format would be preferred based on the category and type of content; there is nothing to avoid the exploitation of all the formats available with their particular features.

Unconventional marketing: creating and virally distributing content

Online platforms in particular social channels, blogs, cosical communities enable information, content and advertising messages to be disseminated at an unparalleled pace and pervasiveness.

Sharing features available in almost all accounts on the social network and mobile apps are an exponentially more realistic and complex fact than in the pre-internet age where, as the relationship of confidence with consumers is steadily extended, the word-of-mouth is inexorably sluggish.

In order to harness the viral potential provided by social technologies, content marketing is part of the framework of unconventional marketing techniques.

The more valuable created is created, the more the spontaneous sharing of internet users will spread. Content marketing, in this sense, includes within itself the constant ability to turn into viral marketing and enormously amplify the promotional contact of the business.

Youtube has made viral videos open to anyone; Facebook enables a large audience to exchange impactful messages; Twitter launches news and news at a pace that makes you smile. Informational content is bouncing around millions of blogs around the world, almost in real-time, changing internet in a machiene like global pinball.

In blog marketing, those who have something to say and added value to put on the net find a formidable tool to promote their business.

From link building to content marketing

The bulk quantity of quality links from the other sites, which search engines interpret as a signal of the popularity of the site to which the links are addressed, is one of the most important factors for SEO positioning. The SEO experts at Online Essays help that offerscheap essay writing service uk to the students of UK and around the world have strong link building strategies to build search engine trust and to improve its position on different search engines.

For this reason, Seo consultants have developed various techniques over the years to multiply inbound ties by “artificially” pumping the value of the sites of their customers.

The art of strictly quantitative artificial connexion building succeeded until Google chose to penalise these techniques and reward the real insightful value of internet pages with a series of changes to its algorithms.

That is why we owe the interest changes in content marketing by industry experts. It is not like that that links have vanished value as a factor leading more simply to improving Google placement, search engines are now able to determine the genuineness of incoming links (backlinks) and evaluate the consistency of a website’s content.

The so-called “social citations” are included among the genuine and spontaneous connexions, that is, any kind of connexion coming from social networks as a result of user appreciation. All the more reason to gain many subscribers through social media marketing and good interaction.

As a result of all this, not just because of its intrinsic value, but precisely because of its potential to draw links and become viral, the strategic use of quality content has taken place.

Content marketing limits on link tempting or link earning in this sense: producing content that excites interest in earning links and enhancing seo positioning.

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are side by side and both are the forms of inbound marketing aimed at improving web visitors without investing in online advertising.

For a variety of reasons, the two methods are closely related:

In order to determine the organic positioning of the sites concerning the keywords used, the contents constitute the fundamental material analysed by search engines;

Any form of SEO optimisation is supported by all content types (text, images, videos …);

Syndicated content is a technique of content marketing that consists of permitting other websites to publish their content. There is a chance of incurring penalties linked to the issue of duplicate material if SEO steps do not follow this publication.

As we have seen, the content marketing backlinks and social citations created to translate into SEO value and enhance positioning among the search results;

The contents are also the material on which one may interfere (and should)

Content is also the material on which the internal linking technique (creation of connexions between pages and content published on the website and social channels) can (and should) interfere. A powerful SEO optimisation element that leverages the advanced semantic understanding of the contents produced by Google and the other engines is the conscious connexion of all this material through links;

Finally, useful content, well placed and promoted on social networks, achieves SEO optimisation of content and internal ties as an effective technique of content marketing exposure. It creates virality in a virtuous circle that sees content engagement at the core of everything, which in turn multiplies social citations and backlinks around the network.

Obviously, the results often differ depending on the industry in which you operate: a business has small profit margins in the industrial chemistry field, but think, for example, of the excellent results achieved by tourism web marketing in conjunction with blog marketing and other promotional types.


In short, the content and SEO marketing side of the same coin is two: businesses and practitioners who are frequently committed to producing both high results and saving on the costs of online advertisement in the medium term.


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