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DIGITAL VISUALS: 7 Web Design Tips for a Presentable Business Website




Show them your business website, and they will know who you are.

In this day and age when technology and the Internet are reigning over people’s lives, it is no longer a surprise how not only individuals but also businesses take their profiles online. Without a doubt, nowadays, if you want to reach more people, to connect with more businesses, to stay updated with the latest trends and to earn more, online is the way to go.

Because Internet access and social media usage are not very difficult for most people, it’s evident that almost everybody is already online. The places where businesses can meet their customers and interact with potential clients are not limited to physical shops and malls. Digital spheres are present to make businesses better and do better.

Aside from creating a business account in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, building a website is one of the most effective ways to bring your brand to the virtual world. Though not all industries totally require a site for themselves, this can boost reach, credibility and presence. Many small and big businesses which have an actively working website know the great benefits of it.

Now, know that regardless of your niche, you can generate a business website. What’s to remember though is that not all business sites fully succeed as their owners wish they would. For various particular reasons, they lack and fail. Well, that’s something to keenly watch out for, but you don’t have to worry so much about that if you prepare for and manage your website the right way.

One of the most crucial aspects that can make or break a website is its WEB DESIGN. Bad web design makes your prospect patrons close the tab and leave. Good web design lets them stay and yearn to know you more. Aiding you with your digital platform visuals, here are 8 web design tips to guarantee that your business website is presentable 24/7!


Just as a tidy and spacious room is pleasant, a simple and functional website is highly likeable.

Minimalism knows no time. It remains unmatched. Keep your website neat and uncomplicated. Showcase the most important things in a catchy but not distracting way. Highlight the best of your business without letting the design be over the top. Visitors will find it easier to roam, look around and understand what you’re up to.

A website appears clean and comprehensible with patterns and content that don’t clash and overpower each other’s looks. A minimalistic web design manifests elegance and professionalism. It provides more time for thinking and more space for updating.

Whitespaces, one of the most famous elements of minimalism, are superior. They create balance between different colors and make certain hues stand out. And on its own, whitepaces radiate sophistication and luxuriousness.

The smart look of organized web content and design doesn’t hurt the eyes. It warms the heart and calms the mind. Guests would love to stay on your business website. They would even make time to come back to it when needed.

Simplicity never fails. No clutter, no problem.


There are innumerable font styles available online. All you have to do is be wise in choosing what to use for your business website.

Fonts are strong components when it comes to building a business image. Aside from universally known brands, small firms can become instantly distinguishable because of the fonts they use.

Put into consideration the niche and industry that your venture is in. Study the connection of the font with your overall visual characterization. Whatever tone your business has, there are fonts that suit it. Looking for corporate, casual, adventurous, friendly, homey vibes and more, you can surely find one or more that exactly matches your voice.

Fonts are powerful elements of communication beyond words. They can loudly speak to your web visitors and convey messages you want them to receive. Your business personality is represented by fonts, too, so scrutinize what’s for you. And oh, consistency is key!


Colors and their diverse shades stand for an assortment of meanings. Taking advantage of them and their purposes in the business world can bring you one step ahead of others.

As studies show, colors affect the mind and the senses. Using them, you are dictating what guests must feel about your business or upon clicking the link to your website.

Red means warmth and passion; many restaurants use this because it makes people crave for food. Green represents the environment; it gives a soothing mood. Pink exhibits feminineness; it has a delicate feel. Every color has a significance that brings life to a business. Understand how they can magnetize emotions and ideas.

Don’t forget to consider the gender of your target audience as well. Look up the favorites and nonfavorites among males and females. This will help you maximize the power of colors in the business industry.

Lastly, determine the quantity of colors for your website. Bear in mind that they are for long-term application, so know what won’t give you regrets.


Educational and worthwhile reading materials in your business website are delightful, but adding high-quality images will make them terrific!

Some people enjoy a whole webpage filled with texts alone, but you will meet more people who get dizzy whenever they see such. Images save you from the tendency of people getting disinterested and demotivated to continue strolling around your site.

Aside from entertaining guests, photos also help your business show what words cannot. Adjust the images in undisturbing yet graspable sizes.


A primary factor in customer experience within your business website is the navigation. Of course, the easier it is to manoeuvre around, the longer time customers and would-be buyers will spend in it. Render convenient navigation.

Guide people to various sections of your site with easy-to-use tabs, easy-to-see arrows and easy-to-click icons. It shouldn’t take them into a rollercoaster ride of complex redirections just to reach a single page. Don’t put useless buttons that will confuse visitors into thinking that there’s something wrong with their device or with your site. A striking web design will be wasted if your navigation settings will hinder guests from exploring.


Presentability doesn’t end in looking awesome! Your website must also be accessible for everyone regardless of the device used. Make it mobile-friendly!

Unless you are hiring an expert web designer, you should learn to ensure that your site is serviceable anytime of the day. When a website is informative, you should cap it off with well-oiled loading speed. Internet users’ patience in waiting for a site to finish loading is shorter than you know. Having a web design that won’t take more than a minute to display its complete content is a big boon!

Let your web design be flexibly obtainable for everyone, even for those using mobile gadgets.


Combined with good visuals, good content must be a chief priority.

Truly, an appealing web design will heighten your business’ reputation and presence. People will wonder what you do and enjoy your visuals. Although the web appearance doesn’t conclude everything, it tells a lot about the business. It may reflect your budget, your efforts, your abilities and your aims. Yes, splendid visuals make a difference.

But never forget that above those admirable graphics and artistic online materials, your content must be of high quality! Not only the external but most especially the internal portions should be worth people’s time.

Tell people what your business is about and what you can do to serve clients! Enlighten their minds about relevant things which they might not know about. Let them discover and explore while their needs and questions are met. Touch their lives with how you can lend them a helping hand.

Beauty is impressive, but don’t leave the brains out.



Owning a Business Website

With the knowledge that being techy in the period of digitalization is a trump card, enterprises that own a website are head and shoulders above those who don’t.

You can go beyond social media networking sites and build your own orbit! Founding your business’ online reputation detached from well-known social media platforms like Facebook is a clever strategy! Without logging into their accounts, people can access your site!

Some are reluctant to open a business website because of possible technical issues that might ruin their operations. As you know, account hacking is among the intrusive cyberattacks used to target businesses. The aftermaths for victims are huge and harmful, but to protect your site, secure the business insurance called cyber liability insurance! It will help you take action!

Business Web Design

Again, if you have a business site or are still planning to craft one, always keep in mind the importance of web design. Taking your business online, your aim is not to simply be found online but to attract more customers that will support you.

What’s even more wowing is that designing a sole business website gives you much more freedom than when you are limited to social media websites. You are at leisure to style and set it as you please, so make the most out of that liberty! As your business garners the recognition from presentable visuals, definitely, it will get more visits, views and profit.



Nicole Ann Pore is aNicole Ann Pore writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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