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Doogee S96 Pro Best Rugged Smartphone with Night vision




What’s up everyone, Today I come with another unboxing article and reviews. I have Doogee S96 Pro and I’m already in love with this smartphone. Yeah, this one is a rugged smartphone. I have never used a rugged smartphone before and this one comes with a night vision camera which is also a first for me. So I was doubtful, I didn’t like to use or review it. But then Doogee gave the box of Doogee S96. I quite like this one after testing it for a while. okay before we start our unboxing let’s see two screenshots. Actually, a couple of days ago, I traveled to my cousin’s residence in a rural area. At night suddenly there wasn’t any electricity I was scared but Doogee 96 pro helped me.

The first image was capture by iPhone 12. Well, you can see, this is total darkness nothing can be seen on iPhone 12.

Similarly, Doogee S96 Pro does not also show anything in the darkness but once I select the night vision mode on it takes a while but once it stable then you see the real difference between iPhone 12 and Doogee S96 pro. In the 2nd Image, you easily identify the difference.

I really like the night vision mode of the  Doogee S96 pro. Using this night vision mood I walked freely around the house. The Doogee S96.9 makes life easier and the darkness is disappeared.

I was a little excited I have tried to run through the stairs and this happened accidentally I have dropped my Doogee 96 pro. But, to be honest, there were no scratches anything, no damage has done. I don’t see much of a difference. I don’t see any scratches. Yeah; it is the benefit of a powerful rugged phone.

Time to do the unboxing

But, before that, please read the specifications and the price.

  1. Operating System-Android 10
  2. DISPLAY Size-6.22 inch
  3. CPU MediaTek- Helio G90
  4. RAM-8GB
  5. Storage128 GB
  6. Camera-Quad camera: -48 + 8 + 2 + 2 megapixels

Price: Mobile price in dollars 299 USD

Best rugged smartphone price and comparison to buy the right rugged phone.

After opening the Doogee s96 pro box, you will happy to see quality full Doogee things. You’ll find a screen protector, Q. R. codes for duty customer care, promotion, and giveaway in this small box. There is a very thick user manual inside and this is one of the best user manuals that I have seen with any Chinese smartphones other than that there is a warranty card it’s pretty unusual to come. you have provided some one time use wipes and this is required to put the screen protector on the display. Doogee also has provided with a very good quality earphone but many other brands don’t do it. I have mentioned earlier Doogee S96 pro comes with a very big battery and it comes with 18 watts, here yeah it seems a little slow but for a rugged smartphone, you cannot use a very fast charger because this will generate some sort of heat I think this 18 watt is good enough because I didn’t have any issues with this. Quite a high-quality USB C charging cable is given by Doogee.

Finally, it is the time to bring out our rugged beast do Doogee S96 pro in hand; it’s a little heavy. I mean for a rugged smartphone this one is not as heavy as other rugged phones. Other rugged smartphones are a little bit heavier but this one is okay for me. Everywhere you will feel metal and this one comes with NFC at the back.

On top or at the bottom it’s everywhere is rugged. It feels like it comes with a bumper case. Even the charging port and 3.5 millimeters audio port are covered; they didn’t do it cheaply. I guess you’ve already noticed that the Doogee S96 pro comes including an IP68 rating. Every part of the smartphone is pretty rugged and it keeps the appeal of felling metal even the buttons, the sim card; everything is made of metal. Unless I have missed adding Doogee S96 pro has no fingerprint sensor on the display panel. As well as the fingerprint sensor and the power button are actually positioned on the right side. Doogee s96 pro has 3 sims slots; two slots for 2 sim cards and another one for SD cards to expand the storage. Even if it’s a rugged smartphone but the main thing that attracted me to this the camera setup; especially the rear camera setup.

You can found that there are two separate LED stripes on the left and the right. The left one is actually a night vision and the right strips the usual LED strip. The night vision camera comes with Sony IMX 350 sensor which is really really nice and you have already seen how it performs. In front, there is a notch and the selfie camera is there one thing I must mention that the speakers really go loud. It is so loud that sometimes I feel they’re being annoyed.


In the smartphone market, there can be other best-rugged smartphones but there is no confusion that the Doogee S96 pro one of the best. The price and performance ratio of the Doogee S96 Pro is much better than other rugged mobile phones.

 So, i and my team love to advise you to buy the rugged beast Doogee S96 pro.


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