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FastComet Hosting Review & 60% Discount Coupon!




If you are not confident about FastComet Hosting then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have shared a complete FastComet Hosting review. We also shared a 60% hosting discount that gives an instant discount on all plans.

So stick till the end to take advantage of the coupon code and save a lot of money.

Some may be aware of FastComet and some maybe not. So we are going to learn about it from the very beginning. If you already know then feel free to skip this part. However, you can still read it to know some interesting things and form good roots.

FastComet Hosting

FastComet is a privately owned global web hosting solution. it was established in 2013 by a dedicated and passionate group of individuals. More than 70 employees are working hard to provide excellent service and support.

FastComet is now managing millions of websites on their servers. it has data centers in different geographical locations. These datacentres are very helpful for offering faster connections in all locations.

The client has the option to choose the nearest server for their website or application to target a specific audience. It is a very helpful service for reaching a global audience and provide superfast page access.

FastComet is managed by hardworking and dedicated individuals and they all follow the same goal. their goal is toprovide an affordable and reliable web hosting solution to everyone in this world.

They want to make their service so much reliable and available to everyone. That no one will drop their idea to start an online business. They should have the tools to start on less budget and with great service.

FastComet offers very affordable plans and tools. all these plans are sufficient to handle a specific website and application type. There are various plans offered which comes with a different set of resources and power.

It becomes easier for clients to choose the plan that fits their budget and needs. in all hosting plans, they offer free domain and website migration. The process is completed free and is done by experts.

It is because the migration process is painful and very technical for clients. so FastComet offers a painless migration process. Within 24 hours all website data and emails are moved to new servers.

FastComet believes in 100% customer satisfaction. They offer a 24/7 support service that never goes down. They have experts waiting on the other side to provide working solutions. These help the client to solve their problems anytime they come across. They don’t have to wait for days to get it fixed.

FastComet Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is designed for the small and basic size of website and applications. It offers a great set of features and tools. all the resources are sufficient for building and running a small and basic website.

The price is very much affordable and doesn’t put the debt on the account. However, there are some demerits like server overloading and slow performance. These are not regular problems and can happen due to the server gets overloaded by another website.

As in shared hosting, multiple clients are running their websites on a single server. that is why the price is a bit less than others. but it is good for starters and it can be easily upgraded to advance plans anytime needs.

VPS Cloud Hosting

VPS Cloud is a higher plan than shared hosting. it is an advanced level hosting and is designed for medium-level websites and applications. It includes all the features and tools of shared hosting with extra features.

Unlike shared hosting, it is a virtual server and it is provided to a single user. This gives them the power to add more resources whenever they want. They don’t have to suffer slow speed due to other’s websites.

However, it is a bit expensive for beginners and is suitable for medium and big level websites.

Dedicated CPU Hosting

Dedicated CPU hosting is extremely powerful web hosting. it includes powerful processors, RAMs, SSD drives, and many more tools. it is designed for heavy traffic websites and applications which do a lot of processing.

Applications like machine learning, image processing, video processing, all of them need extremely powerful CPUs.

It is very expensive and is used by big websites and companies to the server applications.

There are other hosting as well like managed WordPress hosting, Woo-Commerce hosting, and Magento hosting. these are designed for specific websites and applications.

FastComet Hosting Features

  • 1 Year Free Domain Subscription
  • Domain & Website Migration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • SSD Storage
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Multiple Server Location
  • Daily & Weekly Backups
  • Free Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • 24/7/365 Days Support
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

There are more features that you can find on their website. we got a good idea about FastComet Hosting and its features. now, let’s move ahead with a 60% discount offer.

FastComet Hosting Review & 60% Discount Coupon!

Even though FastComet hosting is very much affordable for everyone. But who doesn’t want to save their money in the pocket? For beginners, it is very important to spend their money on necessary things only. as they have a very tight budget due to no other source of income.

So, we are sharing FastComet Hosting coupon code for a 60% discount offer. It can be easily applied at checkout time. it can be applied to all the shared hosting plans.

You just have to copy below FastComet coupon code below or from here and paste it at the checkout. After that, it will show a discounted price and then complete the process to enjoy its service.

FastComet 60% off Coupon code – “FALL60” for shared hosting.

FastCOmet 25% off coupon code – “FALL25” for VPS cloud and dedicated hosting.

Take full advantage of these discount offers to jump-start your blogging career or online business.


FastComet is worth using as a web hosting solution. it offers great opportunities to get any plan at a discounted price.

However, these offers are available for a limited time, so hurry up and grab this opportunity. Otherwise, the offer will end and you will not able to save money.

If you are not sure about FastComet Hosting then no worries. Use it for 45 days and after that, you still feel not using it. then cancel the service and get a refund. There is no risk in FastComet, it is only filled with amazing user experience and benefits.


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