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What is Free Website Hosting?




As the name suggests, free website hosting is a hosting service; we didn’t pay for that. Many web hosts offer subdomains to those interested in creating a website. Bloggers and WordPress are some of these famous free web hosts. When you use these services, your website earns such names as your site.blogspot.com and your site.wordpress.com. You need to purchase a domain from a provider with a domain name that does not include any external site’s name and then obtain a web hosting that is usually a paid service. However, several web hosting companies offer some of the products/services you purchase from them with free web hosting.

Benefits Of Free Website Hosting

There is this most significant benefit of free website hosting, and it is free of charge. Now, if you are surprised that these free web-hosting companies allow you to free a website, then you can rest assured that they do not miss out. When you make your free website with them, they use your websites to make money through advertising, banners, and other media. Often advertising revenue is shared with the website user, and sometimes it’s not. For instance, if your blogger hosting is free and uses its AdSense service, you get a share in the revenue from the ads on your websites.

On the other hand, you do not have control over the investment or revenue created from your free host website while building a free website using WordPress. When a paid web hosting service hosts a website, the situation is entirely different. You have complete control of your website, and it is up to you whether or not you want to put advertising on your website and if so, all revenues from advertisement banners will come to you. There are also other variations between free and paid providers for web hosting.

Free and Paid Web Hosting Discrepancies

Here are some significant variations between the hosting facilities of the free and paid websites. It gives you a clear understanding of a free web hosting service and if it is worth opting for this free web hosting?

The web hosting company provides you with free web hosting controls publicity on your website. You can use pop-ups, banners, or any other advertising on your site that you have no power over. If you still have partial control, you can only determine the banner size where your site is located. You can not monitor which ads you view on the website. On the opposite, you have complete power over your website when you use paid web hosting, and no outsider can dictate something.

Customer support for free website hosting is lacking. Nothing free can be demanded with value-added services. If your website is incorrect, there is no customer service for free hosting websites. On the other hand, paid web hosting services to offer consumers technical assistance and help guides, tutorials, etc.

Free website-hosting is vulnerable to more extended downtime due to reduced bandwidth and data transfer capacity, while paid website hosting offers optimal bandwidth and data transmission for full uptime. You can’t upload more pictures or videos if you use free web hosting because you don’t get enough disc space.

However, you can better come from both worlds if you are prepared to pay a little for a web hosting company’s service. For example, we offer an excellent web-hosting package with a free website builder, and you only have to pay nominal rates. You get free web hosting and many other services such as e-mail ID and Google Adwords credit, which you can use to publicize your website. This service is better than any free website hosting service since you have virtually very little control over your domain! Then why wait! So why wait!


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