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How To Make Your Website More Effective




Now, more than ever, to promote and develop your business, an informative, usable website is important. That does not mean, however, that you should rush to slap a website together without first doing your research, particularly when selecting a web hosting service.

There are many options available in the market. In this article, we recommend you the best website hosts, but the user must keep in mind that the best web host for your website depends on your specific needs. Factors that you should keep in your mind when choosing a website host are given below.

  • Purpose of your website
  • What kind of security is required for your website
  • Do you need support for your website design
  • How many domains and email addresses you will need for your website
  • The amount of traffic you expect your website to receive
  • How much do you expect your website to grow

How you can choose the best web hosting Company

For all companies, there is no perfect web host. Eventually, the particular needs of your business will decide which web host is best for you. We looked at three significant factors in developing our list of the best web hosting companies, including customer support, uptime and load speed, and the types of servers available.

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Uptime and Load Speed

You’ve probably only visited a website to find it is offline, or it takes a long time to load it. You don’t want this to be witnessed by your customers, so it’s important to choose a web host with great uptime and load speeds. Uptime is the span of time that a hosting system is operational. Load speed tests how quickly the website loads.

Customer Support

We included only web hosting companies that provide customer service 24/7, whether by phone, live chat, or email. This way, you have the security of ensuring that, regardless of when you have an issue with your website, you will have reliable access to the support you need to get the problem fixed quickly.

Multiple Server Types

We must include web hosting companies that offer multiple server types. As we all know each kind of server has its own benefits and limitations. For ex, a shared server shares resources with other websites. This makes it more accessible but also implies that your website’s functionality may be more limited than it would be on a dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS).  Choosing a web host which has multiple server choices means that if your website needs change with time, and you need to switch to a different server type, you don’t have to change web hosts, which can be expensive and tricky.

Introduction of A Small Orange (ASO)

A Small Orange (ASO) has been providing hosting services since 2003. Although ASO is not one of the best-known hosts in the industry, it has grown rapidly. Having originally been based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Now it is located in Durham, North Carolina. The company ASO was founded by web designer Tim Dorr and then acquired in 2010 by HostGator’s customer service strategist Douglas Hanna in 2010. The Endurance International Group acquired A Small Orange, with HostGator, in 2012. Until 2014, Hanna stayed on as brand CEO.

Hosting Plans of ASO (A Small Orange)

A Small Orange divides its hosting into five types of plans: shared, reseller, business, and dedicated cloud VPS. All hosting is supported solely on Linux servers and no Windows hosting packages are offered.

The company used to provide unlimited shared hosting services, but it has moved away from providing unlimited storage and bandwidth to putting a fixed limit for each plan. You will need to pick a plan that fits your website and the amount of transfer you’re going to need. With the top two plans, free domains are included, but only if you pay upfront for a year or more.

Business hosting is shared hosting with added resources and features. Each business plan, for instance, comes with an SSL certificate, and A Small Orange (ASO) ensures that servers are compatible with PCI.

A small orange advertises hosting plans for WordPress. For example, with all of the WordPress packages, you can build unlimited websites. You still get access to cPanel, and it’s important to remember that instead of a pre-installed kit, WordPress is provided as a single-click installer.

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