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How to Start an Online Store with WordPress in 7 Easy Steps




At least a quarter part of the web runs on WordPress. The best part of using WordPress is that it is easy to use and free. Additionally, there is a lot of information available for free knowledge for users to get started and running an online business in a span of a few minutes.

If you are confused about how to start an online store, then you don’t need to worry at all as we have got your back with this guide. We provide a guide on WordPress theme customization, and you can be assured that it is way easier than you have ever thought, and these tips will make your life easier.

For the past few years now, ecommerce has been on the rise but more now than ever. You are probably wondering where to get started from or the most effective way to create an online start with WordPress. The best part is that with perfect tools, beginning an ecommerce isn’t a challenging task anymore.

What do you need to set up an online store?

It is the perfect time to start selling online now. Thus before you actually get started to create an online store, then there are a few things that you cannot miss out when it comes to WordPress theme customization. Experts recommend that you should use self- managed word pressing hosting if you want to create a new website.

  •         WooCommerce:

One of the most popular solutions for WordPress solutions for WordPress sites as it is both user friendly. The best part about this extension is that it provides a plethora of extensions that can be used by you to enhance the functionality of your online store.

  •         Easy digital downloads:

The e-commerce solution is undoubtedly worth considering as the answer is specially designed for selling non-physical products, including e-books, images, videos, etc.

Simple step by step guide to starting an online store:

  •         Use personal passion to complete the niche selection:

The majority of the successful entrepreneurs state that passion is the key ingredient to the high roller lifestyle they enjoy. It takes a lot of power when it comes to building an online store. You can find that your product overlaps with your personal passion for analyzing your past shopping habits and then sampling a few product types.

You can let your passion shine through online and offline mode, provided your niche is specific.

  •         Get a catchy domain name:

If you aren’t able to find a catchy domain name, then you can hire a WordPress expert as your domain name is how your customers find your site. It will be easy for your clients to remember your name if they hear about you somewhere.

You can pick a domain name by doing keyword research and keep your domain short to reduce mistypes by customers. Thus, you can use a domain generator tool to help you with generating an original domain name.

  •         Jot down your business plan-

When you hire WordPress expert, they suggest that you need to create a comprehensive business plan for your company when you learn how to online store with WordPress. The business plans help you in selecting products to sell, making your website, growing your market place, and handling taxes.

Ideally, a plan helps you to stay on track and focus your efforts.

  •         Setup Woocommerce:

If you want to create a robust foundation for your site, then WordPress is your best bet. WooCommerce helps you in converting WordPress site into a powerful e-commerce site, and the best part is that you get the basic package for free.

You can implement the best elements of e-commerce design, even without paid plugins. You can select a host for your website that provides a special package designed for WordPress. All you need to do is downloading and install the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress, and lastly, you need to select and customize the theme.

  •         Select a Woocommerce friendly theme for WordPress:

Your theme decides the entire layout of the site. It is essential to find a great theme that invites the browser to become buyers is worth putting in some extra time.

  •         Attract with content and SEO: If you want to send motivated customers, then you need significant search engines as it makes your client ready to make a buying decision to your online store. You can do this with tons of content.
  •         Enhance web traffic with Facebook Ads:

Who do you trust when you are shopping for a product or service? Most likely, you will ask your friends or family. Besides word-of-mouth marketing, advertising your brand’s Facebook page is one of the best ways to inject your brand into your client’s newsfeed.

Thus you can follow these tips and start an online store with a WordPress site.


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