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Importance of web design for branding




All businesses have a brand. That is because a brand serves as an identity and symbol of the business. For these reasons, it is important that a business website bears the company brand. Branding your eCommerce website is simple if you hire a web design Singapore developer. However, it is important to understand why it is vital to have the company brand on the website.

There are many ways branding can manifest in a website. In this article, we’ll discuss how branding can appear in a website designed by an experienced web design Singapore developer. We will also tackle the benefits gained by integrating branding in web design.

Incorporate the brand colors

Most businesses use a specific color palette that is used to represent their business. These are called brand colors. Brand colors do not exist for aesthetic purposes only. They are also used to stimulate emotions and represent associations. For example, most hospitals use the colors green and blue for branding and even for their wall paint. That is in order to stimulate calmness among the patients and visitors.

In the case of websites, brand colors give the viewers an impression on what the website is about. The color green is most commonly used by nature-themed websites such as gardening blogs, eco-friendly vehicles online stores, and so much more. Therefore, it is important to do research before picking a brand color. You can also ask your Ecommerce Website Design Singapore expert for suggestions on appropriate brand colors. Take note that color representation differs from one culture to another. Thus, you also need to research the cultural background of your targeted audience.

Stimulate emotions

As mentioned, brand colors are used to stimulate emotions from the viewers. Aside from brand colors, the overall web design of the Ecommerce Website Design Singapore professional can also inspire emotions from the users. This includes the visuals and typography. Usually, a good web design Singapore developer will help you out in incorporating brand emotions on your website. You just have to figure out what type of feelings you want your audience to experience with your website.

Furthermore, the Ecommerce Website Design Singapore team can help you sort out the factors that you want your website brand to be associated with. If you are an eCommerce business that sells musical percussion instruments, you would want to give your consumers a vibrant energetic and dancing feeling vibe. Thus, it is important to talk to the Ecommerce Website Design Singapore developer regarding the emotions that you want to convey in your website that represents your business brand.

Brand consistency

Any business owner would want to have a website that is memorable. This is so their consumers will always go back to the website. The best way to be remembered is to be constantly seen by your audience. This is the job of the company’s brand. Which why branding is important in a web design.

The brand colors and emotions you have integrated on your website through the help of a Ecommerce Website Design Singapore developer should be consistent. This means that the colors you used should be seen in all the web pages of your website. Each web page should also bear the emotions your brand wants to convey. Apart from that the colors, the visuals and typography should be consistent throughout the website. Thus, you need the services of a web design Singapore agency to keep your brand consistent in your eCommerce website.

Logo size and visibility

The most important element of a company brand is the logo. That is why it is important that the business website also bears the company logo. Normally, the logo’s position on the website is at the upper left corner of the page. There are websites that put their logos at the upper middle portion of the webpage. However, the left-most corner position is still the accepted norm.

The most important quality a logo maker creates is its visibility. It should be the second thing an individual will see upon entering the website. That is why the logo needs to be big enough to be noticed immediately. Your web design Singapore developer can help you proportion the logo accordingly. They can also integrate the company logo at other important areas of the website such as the footer of the webpage. The logo should also contain the link of the website’s home page. That is so that the users can return to the homepage after exploring the website.

Making the website memorable

As mentioned, making the business website memorable is the important role of branding. Aside from the consistent usage of brand elements throughout the page, the overall web design should be unique. It is hard to distinguish a certain business website if it looks very similar to its competitors. Consumers won’t remember the business. There is also a possibility that they might confuse your business with one of your competitors. This is the reason why business owners prefer customized websites made by a web design Singapore professional instead of template-based web builders.

It is vital that you put extra effort in creating a unique brand for your online business. This will help you stand out among your competitors making you more memorable. Furthermore, your visitors won’t get confused. As a result, there is a high chance of these visitors to keep coming back to your website.

Let’s build your brand identity

The main purpose of branding in web design is to build the brand identity of your business. This helps your audience remember the quality of your business, products, and services. They can also differentiate your business among your competitors. Do you need help in effectively branding your eCommerce website? Here at Adolet, we can help you build your brand through our high-quality responsive web design. Inquire with us for more details.


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