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MilesWeb’s Unlimited Web Hosting: Grow Your Business Boundlessly in 2020




No one is new to the internet today. All have their smartphones with internet recharge done on it to enjoy surfing the online world. Also, now there is not much of the crowd seen in the physical stores to buy products as earlier. This is because people have now adopted the new way of shopping and that is via online stores. Many physical stores or businesses have now started their online stores to make it easy for their customers to buy things they want immediately rather than waiting in a line for their turn to come.

With this, both the business owner as well as the customer gets benefited. The online presence makes the business popular globally while the customer receives the product at his doorstep. Today, millions of businesses are getting their websites developed to reach to their potential audience globally. This is highly attracting the audiences over the world and this is leading to business growth.

But while starting an online business or after creating a website, many of them select wrong type of hosting option, ending up in website crashes. You need to know about which type of web hosting will suite your website. For this you need to understand your company’s growth graph. If it is continuously increasing, you should avoid to start with shared hosting. In such as case, unlimited web hosting will prove to be beneficial. With unlimited web hosting, you get to use unlimited resources that won’t let your website fall short of resources for meeting the increasing traffic requirements. You get unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases with unlimited hosting.

You need to select the best unlimited hosting plans  offered by provider that will help you to fulfil your business requirements at an affordable pricing. There is one such unlimited web hosting provider in India that will help you to grow your business boundlessly. Let’s check more about them.

Introduction to MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company that was established in 2012. They cater their customers with different types of web hosting plans such as cheap web hosting india
shared, dedicated, reseller, VPS, cloud, WordPress and application hosting. They have a customer base of over 20,000 customers. Their customer support team is highly talented and ensures that their customers’ issues are resolved within minutes without keeping them waiting for long. Their customers raise the queries via live chat and email. Though they are successful in completing the requirements of their customers, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. With this the customers can claim for the refund if they aren’t happy with their service, within 30 days of the service purchase.

Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

miles web hosting


Get Your Domain for Free: This is one of the best perks they offer. They allow you to register a brand new domain name or even transfer your existing domain to them for free. This offer is valid with their Swift and Turbo.

Free Website Migration: You might think that migration is a very tough task and you might lose your data. But with MilesWeb, you don’t have you worry about your website migration. They are highly experienced in website migration and will ensure that it is done successfully. Complete care of your data is taken while the migration is done. Also, you can ask for the migration to start at your preferred time. You don’t need to pay extra for the migration.

Free SSL Certificate: A free SSL certificate is compulsorily offered with all their web hosting plans. This shows how much they care about your website. Also, SSL helps in growing the website’s ranking in Google. With an SSL on your website, your visitors start trusting you more as the grey padlock represents that your website is secure.

Free Site Builder: Website building is made easy with the website builder tool. With the free website builder, you can easily build the website by just dragging and dropping the elements needed.

SSD Storage: Data storage is done fast with the help of SSDs. Using the flash technology, they speed up the data storage process, offering faster performance to your website as compared to HDDs.

Secure Email Accounts: Emails are accessible quickly and easily with secured POP3/IMAP from your location and at any time. You get webmail that enables access to three webmail clients such as RoundCube, SquirrelMail and Horde.

cPanel Control Panel: Website management is made easy with the help of cPanel control panel. You can perform your website related tasks quickly, easily and reliably. It is possible to create databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, etc. with cPanel.

1-Click: Installing applications is no more a time-consuming task. Applications can be installed in just a single click with the Softaculous 1-click installer. You can install over 400 applications just within few minutes.

Instant Account Setup: Account setup won’t take more than a few minutes once your payment gets confirmed. They will setup your hosting account immediately after the payment confirmation. You get an email with your cPanel login details after your account setup.

Latest PHP and MySQL: You get the latest PHP and MySQL versions to ensure your website performs speedily.

Datacenter Choice: You get plenty of options to select your preferred datacenter location as per your target audience.

Malware Scan and Removal: The malware scan tool checks for the malware on your website and if any is detected, destroys it instantly so that your website remains safe.

They have provided with a library of video tutorials which consists of different tutorials related to the common issues and their solutions. You can go through their tutorials here:



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