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Selecting a domain name and domain generator




What is a  domain name?

A domain name is the unique identity of your business on the internet. The planning, advertising, and presence of your business and organization on the internet depends on your domain name. You make a website for your business. It gives a professional look to your business. A domain name identifies many IP addresses and can represents multitude of IP addresses.

In website URLs, these domain names help to find web pages. If you want to make your own website and need domain information, then this article is for you.

 It would be best if you had both the domain name and hosting of a website. By using the domain name, you can work on the website only for a year, but after purchasing the hosting, you can create your own website for as long as you want to run it.

Why is domain name vital for us?

As you know that a domain name provides the best representation of your business in the internet world, it is challenging to promote your business. The online world is broad and has excellent access to the entire world. So a domain name is the backbone of your website.

There are so many platforms for online business. On these platforms, the representation of your thoughts and business needs domains and hosting accounts. Even for your blogging site, you need both domain and hosting accounts.

Some platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter work without domains. These accounts also give access to the whole world. You need to set your domain for your business for a website. When you create a page on social media, you need to use your subdomain. But by making your website, you need to purchase your domain and hosting as well.

All types of online businesses depend on access to the whole world—online companies like blogging, marketing, etc.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority or DA is a search engine that is developed by MOZ. We can search the ranking of a website by using domain authority. The score of domain authority starts from 1 to 100. The greater the domain authority scores, the higher than chances of a website to be highly ranked. The domain authority depends on the different factors like linking domains.

How to check domain authority?

You can check domain authority by MOZ’s link explorer or MOZ bar. Add a MOZ bar on your laptop or PC as a chrome extension. This extension works smoothly on a computer. The best domain authority for a new website ranges from 20 to 30 and ends 70 to 80.

Many large business websites have high DA scores, while small business sites have low DA scores. DA  predicts the rank of the websites. It indicates the ranking of the website, and page authority measures the strength of the pages.

How to search a domain?

You can search your domain name with different tools. Various keywords are used in search of domain name. These tools are used to search for keywords in a content and select a perfect domain. Some domain generators are;

    • Lean domain
  • Bust a name
    • Name tumbler
    • Domain puzzler
  • Name mesh
  • Domains boot
    • Impossibility
    • Wordoid
  • Dot-o-Mator
  • Name stall

What are domain generators?

Domain generators are tools that help in search of a perfect domain. Some domain generators are free of cost, and some are paid. The paid generators provides excellent results with no-fault. It is not easy to search a catchy domain name. You can use different name generators. These generators are:

  • Namecheap
  • Lean Domain Search
  • Bust a Name
  • HostPapa
  • Nameboy
  • NameStall
  • Name Mesh
  • Domains Bot
  • Panabee
  • Name Station
  • Instant Domain Search
  • I Want My Name
  • Webhosting Geeks

All these name generators are used to search for the best name of your website.

Tips for choosing the best domain name

If you are searching for the best web domain name for your website, you can follow these points.

  • To search your domain name, you can use different keywords for the best results.
  • The domain name must be short
  • Easy to spell
  • It must be unique
  • Do not use hyphens
  • Do not use doubled letters
  • Use a domain generator for the best ideas
  • Best place for registration
  • You can get a free domain with a professional web hosting company

How to make your domain name brandable?

Different domains have additional values. The most useable and effective one is the .com domain. The market value and use of the .com domain is more extensive than other domains. Nowadays, the whole world is coming closer to each other through the use of the internet. So the .com domain is more brandable than others.


These days the online earning field expands due to the use of the internet and their vast use. In the freelancing market, there are different fields to work online. Many platforms like Fiverr, upwork, and guru.com are at top of the list. Creating your own website is another way of online earning. Most websites are selling their domain accounts online. You can buy your domain directly from these sites.

Creating a website is not an easy step, but it is possible with a little effort. The first step is to purchase the domain and hosting accounts. For this purpose, you can choose your domain, which is unique in the internet world. There are different ways to select and purchase the domain name, and their selection depends on the niche.

The main key is niche selection. If you find the best niche for your website, then do not take tension in selecting the domain name, as you know that the domain is active for one year, and after one year, you need to renew it. Similarly, after every year, it is necessary to renew your domain; otherwise, it will be blocked, and you will lose both your domain name and website.


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