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What is vlog?




The new standard is vlogging. Children do it; teens do it, mums do it, experts in the industry do it. It’s like kung-fu combat in 1974, according to Carl Douglas. But what exactly is it essential to learn how to vlog? Is there a vlogging school you can attend? Can you build and falsify a website before you do it? Somewhere between these two is the key.

You don’t have to study a profession to get a vlogger, but pressing the publishing button is not easy. A reason, a message, a forum, an audience, and more is needed. But don’t worry, getting them all together isn’t as complicated as it may sound. See this vlogging guide for beginners to learn how to vlog and find out what to say to get money from your posts.

What is a vlog?

A vlog is a video recording a person’s life or knowledge and is around five minutes on average. ‘vlog’ is a portmanteau of ‘video’ and ‘blog.’ Basically, it is just a film version of the sort of material that might be presumed to be on a typical blog. Vlogs are built for the exchange of ideas and experiences with an audience.

The fundamental distinction between vlogs and other video content forms is that vlogger’s content is the main topic. For example, a voyage vlog revolves around the author’s experience and thoughts, whether they are expressed in the context or by voice-over. On the opposite, a travel video focuses mostly on the destination, generally critically.

In the videos “talking,” the camera is on a tripod and static as the vloggers chat about a topic or walk through a process. There are two main vlogging styles: “talking-head” and “follow me.” Famous examples include makeup tutorials and cooking videos of this sort of vlog. On the other hand, ‘follow me’ vlogs see producers in various positions as they film clips all day long. This style of vlogging is incredibly popular for tour videos and ‘a day of life’ vlogs.

Can vlogger make money?

Short answer: Yes. Short answer: Long explanation: You can, of course, why would so many others want to become vloggers? According to Forbes, Ryan Kaji, an eight-year-old boy who made $26 M, was the most paid YouTube vlogger of 2019.

While a seven-figure income you probably won’t make fast, making money as a vlogger is relatively easy and an accessible idea for an online company. You can monetize your videos in four main ways:

Advertising: most video hosting sites allow creators to add advertisements to their videos. Whenever you see or click on the ad, the vlogger earns payment. While this is an excellent way to monetize your content, you won’t get rich even if your base is not huge. The average salary is around $3 per 1,000 viewers, most of whom go to the video hosting website.

Subscriptions: You might be able to charge the viewers a subscription fee, depending on the type of vlog content you produce. This monetization framework can be set up with minimal effort with platforms like Wix Video. Cooking vlogs and other vlogging experts in their respective areas will benefit greatly from this form of monetization of content.

Affiliate marketing: Somewhere in the middle, affiliate marketing is the most common form of cooperation between vloggers and brands about difficulty and payout. Some companies with content creators connect their goods to the videos, typically offering discount coupons. The blogger gets a percentage of the cost each time a viewer buys something.

Content sponsored: video monetization is often the most profitable form to achieve. Vloggers are paid for by corporations to mention their brand in videos with sponsorships. However, before you start reaching out to brands, for this reason, you must create a solid foundation and online presence.

How to begin a Vlog?

Now that we’ve answered the question ‘what’s a vlog’ and you know how to make money from your posts check out this step-by-step vlogging guide.

  1. Identify your niche
  2. Watch other models
  3. Look for your voice
  4. Invest in equipment
  5. Set your content
  6. Adjust your videos
  7. Establish an online presence
  8. Optimize the content
  9. Follow up on your results.
  10. Act together with others

01. Identify your niche

The first step towards becoming a vlogger is to determine the type of content to be made. A simple niche will allow viewers to understand quickly how to expect your videos to subscribe to your channel to the appropriate audience.

Some of the most common vlogging categories include fitness, food, makeup, travel, unboxing, and play. Although you do not have to stick to one of these areas, it is essential to ensure that the kind of content you want to produce is needed.

Start by looking for the theme you’ve wondered about on YouTube. See the number of videos and the number of views of the top performers. Then visit their channels profile and check the number of subscribers. You might want to reconsider your concept and reach a wider audience if the average subscriber count is too tiny.

02. Watch other models

It’s time to get motivated once you’ve defined the type of content you want to make. Take the time to look at the content you want to make. Check popularity and date vlogs to see how the field developed over time. Look up your space’s most famous vloggers and see what makes them different.

Learning how to vlog, like any other talent, is mainly a matter of looking at what people with field experience do. The longer you commit to this step, the more experience you will have to draw on your path.

03. Look for your voice

If you want to be a successful vlogger, developing a unique voice is crucial. You must see yourself as a brand and your content as a product as you enter the competitive blogging world. You not only need to make entertaining videos but must also draw the viewer aesthetically and generally inspire them to watch more.

Think of what your audience will get no other vlogging networks. This can range from years of experience in your profession to excellent visuals. Whatever you come up with, make sure it is anything in all or the vast majority of your videos that can’t get stale over time.

04. Invest in equipment

The equipment you need depends mainly on the type of vlog you like. You wouldn’t need to use the same resources to make a carrot cake and travel the world, right? The technological expertise and budget will also play an essential role in this decision.

In general, there are six critical pieces of vlogging equipment that you must remember:

Camera: depending on the type of content you make, the best camera for blogging varies significantly. Although mirrorless cameras today tend to be a favorite industry, some will profit from investing in DSLRs or action cameras. Begin by looking at the various cameras available and then see which model best suits your needs.

Lens: You have to be mindful that using an interchangeable lens camera has a significant effect on your work’s quality with the lens you use. Vloggers tend to pick broader angles from all kinds of camera lenses that require less room for maneuver and allow more elements to fit into the frame. Before deciding for a particular bottle, however, please review other options within your price range.

Tripod: The star of all camera accessories in most genres, having a tripod or a stabilizer, is an absolute must when learning how to vlog. Nobody will waste their precious time watching the blurry video, regardless of how great the content is.

Microphone: Unstabilized videos make bad sound, one of the central vlogging holes. You will also need a microphone to record high-quality audio whenever you need, even though you intend to use free music for videos on most of your content.

Lighting: artificial lighting is an absolute necessity if you intend to record indoors. Artificial lighting will be an essential addition to your equipment if you want to record exclusively outdoors. It helps prevent camera noise and ensures that your pictures are still visible, and the soft shadows are more even.

Software editing: Last but most definitely not least, to turn your photos into a proper vlog, you need the right tools. Although professional editors can be very costly, there are many free video editing tools, which you can use with excellent results.

05. Set your content

For a homogenous look to your channel, it is essential to create a set of guidelines from the start. This gives tourists a good understanding of what to expect when they subscribe to your channel, not just content, style, and regularity.

Begin by determining whether the content is being improvised or scripted. Some vloggers tend to set up the camera and chat away, merely following a brief description of the ideas, while other people create a detailed photo list in advance.

If you choose your Vlogging style, you can determine how long it takes you to make a video and regularly build a schedule for posting. As a rule, you should try to upload a new video at least once a week.

06. Adjust your videos

If you want to become a vlogger, the art of video editing must be mastered. Get acquainted with the app, and don’t start sharing your videos until you believe that the result is good enough. While it is customary to look back at the start of your career and be surprised at how much better your job is now, the beginning level should already meet the industry expectations.

Make sure you edit all your videos according to the same guidelines. They are using similar shots and cuts and similar types of music to make your channel look and sound consistent. Many vloggers make their entry clips so that at first glance, they can be recognized.

07. Establish an online presence

Your career in vlogging should not be on one site. To optimize your audience, you will need to develop a strong online presence across multiple networks. You must create a video website as the umbrella for all your accounts and, besides, getting a profile in all major (and relevant) social media platforms. Also, the unique SEO features of a website can boost the odds of being found online exponentially.

Fortunately, building a beautiful video site nowadays is as easy and hassle-free as creating a new social profile. You have to pick a professional website design, upload your content, personalize the colors, and you’re ready to go.

08. Optimize the content

If the content is live on the internet, the next move is to ensure that the people access the content. To do that, you must learn how to do the right SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, that means optimizing web page content to improve search engine visibility.

While SEO practises’ importance is common knowledge on blogs, many people still do not know the importance of video SEO. Proper keyword research and metadata practices can make or break your blogging career, so make sure that your efforts are essential.

09. Follow up your results

Just because your vlogs are finally there to enjoy the world, it doesn’t mean that your work has finished. Please take a look at how they work overtime and find areas for change. Pay attention to the comments of viewers and use the other outlets to request positive criticism directly.

The best way to learn how to vlog is at the end of the day to learn from your experiences and to work continuously to better your work both before and behind the camera.

10. Act together with others

After publishing a few vlogs and building your brand’s foundations, start to develop ties with other makers. Do not be shy to contact other vloggers in your area, but place genuine links beyond collaboration offers.

There are two main reasons for putting friendships above companies. Firstly, the content that you produce together would be much more enjoyable and fun to look at. And two, in the long term, it’s much better regarded than money-grubber as an interested citizen.


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