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Word Game ( Android app ) is a famous game created to provide you a dose of daily brain training, improve your IQ and sharpen your mind.


Word puzzle games are fun, but it is even better to link this word game.

Connect Words is a great puzzle game. Focus on finding and linking all the hidden words in those letters. It starts out as a simple word game and becomes challenging at any level. It doesn’t only work as a BRAIN TEASER, but you have fun practising and sharpening your thoughts.

What is the place to play?

– Move your finger over puzzle resolution terms and drag your finger.

– The game gets trickier as you go on.

– The game’s brain teasers test your vocabulary and resolving abilities.

Features of the game

– 10000+ Levels

– GRATUIT alerts

– Occasional Daily Gifts

– You can buy coins, too.

– The game is saved automatically.

– Play OFFLINE anytime, wherever.

– Boost levels difficulties. Simple to play but difficult to beat.

– Everything is tested to make sure the words can bind.


It’s a perfect word game for fans who want to link words. So just download this word game and enjoy it.

Play the word link now. This is both addictive and helpful to you.

Android has thousands of word games, but this one is different. Word games can be easy or difficult, but the level you cross is both. The more difficult and fun it is.

Some word games could drain your brain, but the connecting word remains a good compromise between fun and trouble.

A few related word games can be found, but this link word will definitely stand out.

Word puzzle games increase literacy, increase your memory and IQ, particularly word puzzles, which cover your wasteful or boring time.

We welcome your input. Play word games in Connect and tell us what you think. Your comments will be carefully read.


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