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The Best Blogging Platform – Comparison 2020




The decision to start a blog requires a lot of choices. One such decision: What should I use the best blogging platform?

While a variety of blogging platforms are available, we will look at some of the more popular platforms below to help you decide best.

So, what is the best forum for blogging?


Price: free of charge.

WordPress.com stores the content of your website for free on its servers. This means, however, that users receive a limited version of WordPress. Even it’s an excellent choice for hobby bloggers who don’t want to spend money. It is also the right choice for people who want to move into a WordPress self-hosted blog in the future.


No construction costs.
Simple to use; no knowledge of coding or design needed.
Hundreds of topics to choose from.


Apps are limited unless you pay for updates.
It looks more polished than that.
You do not have your blog technically, which means that you do not influence advertisement profits. It also ensures that the domain can be disabled at all times by WordPress.
Your website falls in the domain with.wordpress.

Operating WordPress.org

Price: Free software; around $3 per host month. Check my blogging guide for a step-by-step guide.

A WordPress blog that uses WordPress software on a third-party server is a self-hosted site. With it, you can add plugins, edit your HTML code, and more, while making it more professional. You can monitor your web site. A self-hosted WordPress blog is typically the perfect way to spend a few dollars a month to everyone. It is ideal for businesses, professional brand builders, and any blogger who wants to extend the functions and professional appearance of their website. Find out more HostingFacts.com WordPress hosting providers.


Simple to use with total control and customization options.
Links to more than 1,500 free subjects and 20,000 plugins.
Friendly search engine choices.


A third-party server may require a certain amount of technical expertise, but most hosts (such as Bluehost or Hostgator) provide reliable technical support.
WordPress is vulnerable to security threats because of its prominence.

Blogging site

Price: free of charge.

You will have access to Google resources like AdSense, Analytics, etc. as Blogger belongs to Google. Yet Blogger isn’t almost as versatile as WordPress.org. This is a perfect platform for hobby bloggers and brand builders who do not want to spend some money but want to make some money through advertising. It is also an ideal outlet for beginner bloggers to learn the ropes since it is easy to use.


Completely free and easy to use.
May put advertisements for AdSense.
Connect Markup, so more customization options are available.


Fewer themes and space for storage than WordPress.com.
You can not host yourself, so your blog is entirely reliant on Blogger’s current offers.
Your domain will be entitled. Blogspot.


Price: free of charge.

Tumblr is easy to use and very interactive. This is the best place for bloggers who want to “reblog” entries. The best place to start your forum for microbloggers is maybe not to create long-form content.


Storage is infinite.
Around 1,000 topics to choose from.
HTML and CSS customization control.


It isn’t easy to back up your blog and upload your posts from other sites.
The plugin options are minimal.
It’s hard to monetize.


The cost is $8.95+/month.

TypePad is the right forum for professionals or brand builders who don’t want to spend some money on their blog every month. This price can be charged for offering extra features and a more professional website. However, many people still tell business bloggers to choose a WordPress site because of its broad community, but TypePad has its advantages.


They host your servers, but your blog is your own.
Unlimited space for storage.
Simple to use. Simple to use.


It costs a couple of dollars more a month than a WordPress site itself.
Options for customization may be minimal.


Price: $4.08 + per week.

WIX is a healthy blogging website choice that is perfect for business. WIX makes designing your entire eCommerce company website easier with its eCommerce features, even though full control of your online shop is somewhat restrictive.


Bandwidth infinite.
Integration of ads.
Simple to use. Simple to use.
Registration choices for the domain.
Storage of up to 20 GB.
There are hundreds of professional templates.


More costly than a WordPress self-hosted blog.
Tools for eCommerce aren’t very sophisticated.
Limited options for customization.

Any of the free choices are perfect for hobby and beginner bloggers who do not want to spend any money while paying for business blogs are better. The right one is the way you want your site to operate. What channel do you think you’re going to choose?


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