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How To Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide for 2020




So, would you like a blog to start, huh? Great idea! Fantastic idea!

But … how do you start the heck? There is so much material on the internet, and everyone advises you to do various things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the point of departure?

Damnit, maybe you need to ignore it – it’s too overwhelming!

Oh, hold up. Keep up. I used to be a newbie blogger too. I had the same issues. I began my blog in 2006, and I knew nothing more than writing. I learned what a blog was only the week before.

Now I know a lot about them and my blog does very OK – I get over 300,000 unique visitors a month that makes me think I am someone you should listen to and learn from while creating your blog. I’m not a Guru of any kind, but I know the basics.

I guarantee that it will be quick, reasonably easy to understand and undoubtedly easy (no stupid jargon). Sound good? Sound good?

Fantastic, let’s move on.

Why do you create a blog and join the bloggers?

So, below, I will outline exactly what you need to do to get your blog started and set up. I want to talk about WHY you ought to create a blog before we dive into it.

Note: If you have a good sense of why skip it and go straight ahead with the guide.

Blogging has become one of the most common ways to communicate and disseminate information and news. There are millions of blogs practically online (do not worry; you will stand out and be noticed!).

It’s a great way to express yourself and also to share information with others in a fantastic way.

You’re becoming a better person and researcher.

The best reason for this? You can make money! You can make money!

I bet you knew all this already, but it’s nice to remember that.

One last thing before we start:

It can take a little time to create your blog, maybe up to 30 minutes. Then take a coffee or juice (whatever you like) and let’s get stuck in. If you need some assistance during the installation process, please email me here, and I will support you as soon as I can and answer all of your questions.

The Measures In This Blog Guide

Nothing is nearly as hard as creating a website from scratch (very few technical capabilities are needed here). You don’t need any coding. Good news, huh? Good news.
How to start a blog in five steps:

You need to take five key steps to start a blog.

  1. Pick an excellent platform for blogs

  2. Choose your blog, web host

  3. How to create a blog on your domain

  4. Shape your new blog

  5. Useful blogging tools


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