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How to identify all keywords your website ranks for




Curious how your SEO efforts are working out or simply want to get some info on your Google search positions? Then, Keyword Audit is just the right service for you.

By doing it, you will not only know what keywords you rank for, but you will be able to see your positions for each, thus enabling you to form a successful future SEO strategy for your website and work on fixing any flaws.

First of all, what’s a keyword audit?

A Keyword Audit is a thorough analysis of all the keywords associated with a particular website.

In this case, we mean that the user can get important data on how their website is ranked for a specific keyword within the top 100 of Google, including data of exact pages associated with a keyword.

This can be performed on your own site or your clients site, with the same ease.

Some SEO agencies like adseo.no offer tools that let you sort your keywords that have reached the top 10, top 20 and so on, in real time, further allowing you to specify how your website ranks when compared to others.

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Keyword identification process through SEOTools

All of the keywords your website ranks for can be seen after a few steps are complete.

  • Creating a new project – a new project can be created by the user for their website(s). Each time a project is created, the administrator receives a notification and begins importing data for the user to see.
  • Data import – typically done within a period of 24 hours. After the administrators receive a new project input from the user, they begin to import all of the data on the site from Ahrefs, which this tool uses for its main data source.
  • Observation – after the import is complete, the user then can view all of the imported metrics for his website. This includes referring domain, DA, PA and others, but most importantly – all of the organic keywords for the website.
  • Inspect – the user then can inspect their organic keywords profile as it is – meaning, seeing all of keywords the website is currently ranked for, or click on a specific webpage and see the data for that. Later on, with future data imports, the user will also be able to observe keyword position changes within a specific range (top 10, top 20 and so on).

Is it worth it?

A good keyword tool is very useful for every website administrator out there, no matter whether you run a huge business, a small company, work with clients or simply run your own website.

Apart from the usual metrics like DA, PA and referring domains, one can see data for all of their keywords, sort them out by position or see data for each individual page.

If you ask us, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment in the long run.

All in all,

We’ve discussed the most simple way for identifying all of the keywords a website ranks for, which is through a Keyword Audit, using a competent tool. With it, many people can now improve and specify their SEO efforts even further.

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