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WordPress vs Blogspot | which one is better ( 2020 )




When it comes to blogging, we have plenty of options to start a blog:

WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, and many other

One of the most talked-about subjects here at Domainglo is:

What is best for blogging?

WordPress, or Blogger?

This discussion can get pretty complicated at times. Many users prefer BlogSpot because there are fewer technological hassles, and many users love WordPress because of its increased power and functionality. When someone asks me which platform they should start with, here is my standard answer:

Start with WordPress.com for a month, and once you get accustomed to blogging, start a new blog on the self-hosted WordPress website.

Alternatively, you can use Blogger.com as your launchpad blogging site, but don’t stick to it for too long.

I say this from experience since I began my blogging journey with BlogSpot and later moved my blogger blog to WordPress.org.

Back then, there was a heck of a lot of learning experiences trying to sort out WordPress. But now, learning WordPress with comprehensive guides, tutorials, and videos is very simple.

Anyway, in this post, I shared a thorough comparison of WordPress vs. BlogSpot, and I will explain which situation is better and why.

Which site to choose? WordPress or Blogger

When you want to start a blog to express your opinions, the blogger platform (e.g., BlogSpot) is handy. BlogSpot is excellent if you don’t blog for money or need a simple platform requiring no technical know-how.

While BlogSpot has many limitations on its features and SEO advantages, if you need a forum to start a blog with nearly 0 costs, BlogSpot is the right option.

At the same time, BlogSpot is not the perfect option if you’re blogging for money, building, or branding. You have limited exposure power in search engines, and after a while, you get very limited if you want to add new features.

I read it many times: I read it many times.

Blogger is a Google product that provides more SEO benefits.

That’s not true.

If you use WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, or some other website, the way you customize your entire search engine web site does not matter.

We have little control over our site on the Blogger network. While new SEO features have been added, BlogSpot still lacks SEO optimization.

In short, if you create a blog for no other reason than your wishes to post, the Blogger platform is better than WordPress. If you are OK with the Blogger platform’s minimal functionality, this is an excellent alternative. WordPress platform is better to make money or build a long-term impact.

Note: There are two different types of WordPress. Here you can learn about it.

Why not WordPress, and why not?

Note: Domainglo uses WordPress as its blogging site, so it doesn’t make my analogy prejudicial.

WordPress gives you full power over your blog, and you can do anything you want technically.

You can host your files, design them however you want, and use them for any (personal or professional) purpose.

You also get full control of the SEO, including the addition of SEO plugins to make your blog easier to SEO. Besides, with a plugin like Rich Snippets, you can incorporate the new SEO techniques such as “star ratings.”

WordPress will let you do everything you want.

But you have to run your blog at the same time. You must have WordPress built on your server and preserve the health of your blog.

It may sound technical, but you can learn all in no time with great help from the WordPress group.

If you stumble on the Domainglo WordPress guide, most of your WordPress questions are answered.

WordPress can take a while to watch videos, learn how to add a plugin, get used to the dashboard, etc.

But we’ve got to do that even with Blogger, right?

You can go to the self-hosted WordPress blog if you intend to create a blog that will make it famous and make money.

When you’re a writer or hobby blogger on occasion, BlogSpot is the best choice for you.

Here’s a handy HowJoyful map, which illustrates the discrepancies in features between BlogSpot versus WordPress.com versus Self-hosted WordPress:

Blogger Vs. WordPress: What’s better with WordPress?

As I said earlier, I began my Blogging journey with BlogSpot, then switched to WordPress. So, I know BlogSpot’s advantages and disadvantages, and here I will not talk about any benefits since WordPress provides all these features that BlogSpot provides.

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1. Your blog control:

This is one of the key reasons I support my blog. Google operates Blogspot, and you will be able to delete your Blogspot account without notice. And if you use the custom domain function (using your domain name), you are more likely to report spam on your blog if the spammers use the flag function.

Google could delete your blog. This is very popular, and by searching Google quickly, you’ll find that many bloggers are faced with this problem when using BlogSpot.

Winner: Blog hosted by yourself

2. Optimization of the search engine:

Wherever your blog is hosted doesn’t matter, the traffic is the first thing every Blogger can look for. Optimizing search engines in plain terms means optimizing your blog for search engines and search engine traffic. As opposed to WordPress and BlogSpot, WordPress provides more ways to customize your blog for your search engine.

Here are a few posts that help you optimize your search engine optimization WordPress site.

3. Plugins and support


WordPress is blessed with features such as the plugin and a large support group.

When I was on BlogSpot, I spent a lot of time updating my theme and adding similar content. WordPress enhances your life with quick plugins for everything you need. You can accomplish something by using plugins, and if not, you can use the help forum of WordPress to obtain custom code and increase your site’s potential.

Here is a list of 30 plugins for WordPress.

4. Remembrance

This can be regarded as a human tendency or belief that Blogs on the blogger site are not severe. One of the simple reasons for this is the free use of Blackhat SEO, spamming, and affiliate pages by many people.

When you speak about a self-hosted blog, people think the person paying for the service and his blog is severe.

5. Topics and templates

BlogSpot provides a tonne of templates, but you can find unlimited free and Paid WordPress themes due to WordPress’s commercial nature. Moreover, you can change the whole look and feel of your WordPress theme as you have FTP access.

6. AdSense:

AdSense is the lifeline to any blogger who wishes to make money from his writing. Initially, BlogSpot was the easiest way to accept your AdSense account, but it’s hard to get your BlogSpot Adsense account later.

With WordPress and your domain email address, it is straightforward to get your blog accepted. Another value of a self-hosted blog.

The Judgment: Blogger vs. WordPress

The WordPress platform is more robust than the Blogspot platform at all times.

It is essential to understand why you want to start a blog and then leave it. Blogger has a lot of drawbacks WordPress does not have. Concerning features, WordPress is much superior.

If this article persuades you to switch your WordPress blog hosting Blogger, you can read my article on how to migrate from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Let me know: What’s your WordPress vs. Blogger verdict? What platform are you interested in, and why?


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