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Why video games are good for you?




Generally, computer and video games are not considered good for children and youngsters, and these games are often discouraged in society. Contrary to this, research shows that these games are positively influencing the children and youngsters. Even older people should play video games for the following reasons:

Slow aging process:

It is researched that people playing video games who are 50 years or older than it have a balanced and healthy life. Their mental state is stable because while playing the game, there is a massive activity of the brain, which stimulates mental growth. In this way, brain exercises and play an important role in slow down the aging process by keeping a person fit and active.

Release stress:

Video games release stress, anxiety, and depression of a person leading to a positive mood. It is researched that children and adults going through medical surgeries if they play video games, their pan is massively reduced.

Physical activity:

Because of its nature, video games inspire youngsters to engage in sports activities physically on the ground.

Social skills:

 According to research, children who play more games enhance the interpersonal skills of a child, creating a positive personality because, in video games, there are multi-players. Hence, a person interacts with other players, who eventually leads to better social skills.


Playing video games in which memorization is involved the cognitive ability of players. It also increases the memory as research suggests that adults who play video games have a sharp memory.

Physical therapy:

Physical therapies of patients involve extensive involvement and engagement of patients. According to research, video games help patients to concentrate on their physical therapies.

Better employee:

 The research suggested that if video games are utilized in training for the employees, they perform in an efficient manner as compared to those employees who do not have any such engagement plan on training.

Family bond:

 Research shows that video games connect the family. Girls who play video games with parents have a closer band with family than the girls who play video games with their friends or on their own.

Decision making:

    Video gaming immensely enhances the decision making skill of a player because it involves many critical stages where player have to decide about their next move.


 People who have some strong craving or addiction should play video games because video games decrease the intensity of addiction among people by diverting their focus.


    It is a popular notion that online games can badly influence the eye-sight. Contrary to it, an experiment was carried out in 2009 involving players and non-players. It resulted that those who play the first shooter or online games have a better vision than those who do not play any online game.

Ability to learn:

 Video games involve constant thinking and decision making. It enhances the learning ability of a person by enhancing cognitive ability.

Hand-Eye coordination:

 As video games imply both hands and eyes, so it improves hand-eye coordination while playing.


    Video games increase the focus and attention of a person immensely because these games are all about focus and attention while playing.


 Research suggests that video games are more beneficial for couples as well for enhancing coordination and understanding between them.

Interest in History:

 Many video games are based on popular events of history, so it increases the understanding of history in players.

Spatial visualization:

 This is one of the amazing benefits of playing a video game that helps you visualize space in a better way. It also enhances your thinking in three dimensions. That is why gamers can better judge the distance between objects or can mentally rotate the objects in order to fit in a space.

Perception and vision:

 As it is said, perception is greater than reality. So video games enhance your perception to assess a complication situation. In any complex environment, a gamer can better respond to the situation.


In video games, there are virtually many tasks in which a player applies his skills to achieve the objective. These tasks involve extensive analysis and memorization skills, which enhance the problem-solving skill of a player.


Video games have different proposed levels. As you go up, it increases your curiosity to discover the next level. It inculcates an eagerness in players to learn and achieve more.

Physical fitness:

As it is said, a sound mind leads to a sound body. So video gaming keeps a person mentally and physically fit.

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